Manufacturing process

Extraction1. Extracting clay :

  • Clay deposits are studied and zones mapped in terms of market criteria.
  • Clay is extracted and transferred to the nearby storage site, ready for processing.
  • Twice a year, inspections are carried out by the Regional Department for the Environment to ensure that best practices in manufacturing and sustainability are achieved.


Transformation2. Transforming clay :

  • Raw resources are sorted according to the clay’s properties.
  • Mineral processing is undertaken using exclusively mechanical and thermal means with no use of chemical additives.


Produit fini3. Supplying finished products :

  • Refined product is graded and sorted out by market categories.
  • Quality checks are carried out routinely.
  • Final product is packaged before storage under optimal conditions by product.


4. Delivery :

  • Every order is carefully prepared and double-checked before being delivered.


Our motto

« Managing every single step of our products' lifestyle is the key to providing our customers high-quality products and meeting their needs».