Velay Green Clay

ARGILE DU VELAY is the only one company which has its clays deposits in Auvergne. The company is mastering all the key steps: from the deposits to the delivery at the final customers by answering all its customers’ needs and requirements.

Its origins

The Velay green clay is different compare to other clays on the market because of its composition. Since the tertiary era, clays’ banks are located at the feet of the Auvergne volcanoes.

Its composition

The Velay green clay is a natural mineral, aluminum silicate type with a laminated structure (phyllosilicates). This clay is unique because naturally composed by a natural mix of three different clays with complementary properties and virtues (mainly composed by the illite, the kaolinite and the montmorillonite). The Velay green clay is quartz free.

Universal properties

Velay Green Clay

This natural blend of pure clays has unique properties: a high absorption and adsorption (cationic exchange capacity).

This clayed mineral at 3 layers is non fibrous with a high covering powder.

The humidity rate 4 to 6%- is extremely low, thanks to an innovating drying technique.


Each client has its own tailored products in accordance with its needs and its requirements.

Different sizes of clay

A manufacturing performing tool able to manufacture all at once ultra-fine powders (<20microns) and granulates (6mm).

Products informations

The Velay green clay can be sold in bulk, in big bag or in bags depending on the market and on the customers’ needs

The Velay green clay is a certified product:

Approved by Ecocert Raw Materials
Feed Chain Alliance