ARGILE DU VELAY invests in research and development to find new applications.
Researches on the olive trees’ treatment have led us to carry out tests with conclusive proved results.

Our tests have proven that the Velay Green Clay is safe for humans and can be used in organic farming.

Clays can be used as :

  • Soil amendments
  • Fertilizers and substrates
  • Trees’ protection against diseases
  • Dipping treatments
  • Root pralination
  • Phytosanitary products

Clays have many benefits:

  • Strengthening of the clay-humic complex
  • Increased the water retention capacity
  • Limitation of water and nutrient losses due to leaching
  • Promote root development and plant recovery
  • pH buffer effect
  • As an additive to improve the granulation

In various kind of forms:

  • Clay balls ready to plant (bomb seeds): the balls are containing flower seeds. Clay is used to plant and protect the seeds from pecking birds. It therefore allows a better development of the plants.
  • Liquid clay can be sprayed at the foot of trees or soaked in roots or pebbles to stimulate the root system.

Clay has a fixing role, it is recommended to use it in addition to a treatment product or manure.

Clay can also be used against scab, in addition to sulfur and lithothamne. The clay then acts as a healing agent and a catalyst

Clay effectiveness against olive fly has been widely proven. A fine, even spray forms a physical mineral barrier and prevents the fly from laying eggs.

The Velay Green Clay meets the NFU-551 standards (growing medium).


ARGILE DU VELAY has developed a natural product: ARGIVERT UP20 for farmers.


Our key asset:

The Velay Green Clay can be used in Organic Agriculture in accordance with RCE n°834/2007.

Our range of products is Eco-cert certified.