Green clay manufacturing process

From the master of all the life cycles of our products is depending the quality of our clays and our customers’ satisfaction.

1. The extraction

Green clay extraction
  • Deposits’ studies and core sampling, clays’ zoning depending on markets’ requirements.
  • Half-year controls by a DREAL accredited organism.
  • Extraction and transfer to the storage area nearby located.

2. The transformation

Green clay transformation
  • Raw material’s storage depending on the clay’s type.
  • Mineral’s transformation, only based on mechanic and heat processes (with no chemical products/ treatments).

3. The finished product

Green clay - finished product
  • Finished products’ distribution depending on the granulometry and the market.
  • Manufacturing’s quality controls.
  • Final conditioning before storage on dedicated areas.

4. Customers’ delivery

Green clay customers' delivery
  • Preparation of the orders and last conformity checking before leaving our warehouse.
  • Chartering and loading of the batch to be delivered.