ARGILE DU VELAY: the manufacturer with the less important carbon footprint in France with its ZNIEFF located quarries.

2023: Installation of panels solar – 2000m2.

2022: Beginning of the environmental following up of the green clay quarry (fauna & flora)

Continuous improvement of the process: new certificates of energy saving reached.

2021 : Study made to extend the panels solar’s area of more than 1500m².

2019 : Argile du Velay is supporting Grainette for the planet’s pollination and revegetation.

2016 : Thermal engins have been replaced by electrical one.

Argile Du Velay continues its efforts to decrease its carbon footprint, especially by reducing its fuel consumption.

Thus, the renewal of handling materials allows a reduction in consumption of 7200L / year – a reduction in emissions of 21 tons of CO² for the year 2016.

2015 : New certificates of energy saving

Argile Du Velay received new certificates of energy saving thanks to its energy renovation works.

2013 : Modernization of the industrial process and obtention of 7 Certificates of energy saving

As part of the renewal and modernization of our production facilities, cleaner and less energy-consuming machines and technologies (electricity and compressed air) have been put in place.

These points of process improvement have made it possible to obtain Energy Savings Certificates


2012: Carbon Footprint: quantification of our ecological impact to implement corrective actions and reduce the impact of our activity on the environment

2011: Modification of the rainwater drainage system to recover and store a capacity of 60,000L

2010: Equipment of the production site roof with 1,000 m² of photovoltaic panels producing the equivalent of the annual consumption of 50 French households and avoiding the release of 9T of CO²/year

2007: Radical change in the way that clays are transformed. Savings of 30% on fossil fuels, elimination of water from our manufacturing process and reduction of CO² emissions of more than 1000T/year. Thanks to these actions, Argile du Velay won in 2008 the trophy for economical and clean technologies an eco-efficiency prize awarded by ADEMEE

In conclusion

ARGILE DU VELAY’s commitment is to imply a strict respect of the environment both in the product offer and in the internal manufacturing process.