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Argile du Velay

ARGILE DU VELAY's journey with clay began way back in 1980 when Socodis, our mother company was created. Socodis was established to sell clay products, not only in France but also across Europe.

Socodis imported dry clay in bulk from Africa and Spain, then packaged and distributed clay throughout Europe. Thanks to their growing success, business expanded and the team's expertise about the rich benefits and diverse uses for clay increased.

In 1990, ARGILE DU VELAY was set up: a promising deposit of green clay was discovered in the rich volcanic earth of Sain Paulien, in the Auvergne region.

The company started then extracting clay and commercializing its very own green clay deposit.

In 2000 a new manufacturing plant was built close to the quarry to meet the demands of emerging markets.

In 2013, a collection of clay cosmetics was designed in our newly-built laboratory.

For more than thirty years, the clay-works have benefited from key investments, making ongoing improvement possible in:

  • Research and Development
  • Clay extraction methods
  • Production and extraction processes
  • Distribution efficiency

ARGILE DU VELAY's product range keeps growing. Innovative and diverse market opportunities have opened up worldwide: we now distribute our clay in more than 45 countries.


Our manufacturing site

Argile du Velay

ARGILE DU VELAY’s quarry and production site is spread over 6 acres and is located in the Auvergne region.

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ARGILE DU VELAY’s production site is divided into different production capacities:

  • Transforming raw clay resources.
  • Sorting out and categorizing clay grades and properties.
  • Refining processed clay in line with market demands.
  • Storing finished products according to type, ready for packaging and distribution.
  • Formulating clay cosmetics in our laboratory

Quality checks are carried out several times per day in our laboratory.