sun drying

Sun drying … not only!

Since more than 40 years, Argile du Velay is committed to supply high quality clays worldwide by using a manufacturing process in keeping well with the mineral and all regulations in force.

Our quarries are located in a south slope which is allowing clays to capture and be enriched by sun rays.

If sun drying was enough to get a healthy and a secure mineral for users, Argile du Velay would not have had to buy an innovative dehydration unit by hot air to get rid of pathogens, bacteria and potential molds.

Why Argile du Velay is not only using sun drying?

That is unrealistic to think that only sun heat is enough to get a mineral in compliance with the very demanding international cosmetic regulation.

Indeed, sun drying only cannot eliminate wild animals’ excreta which can penetrate the in-quarry clay. These pathogens can be in your green clay toothpaste if no additional treatments are applying on the mineral.

Using sun drying clays located in Paris (Ile de France) is the guarantee to get a polluted clay by dioxins, microbiology and urban dust. Indeed, the adsorbing mechanism of the clay will adsorb the surrounding urban pollution. Because they are only using sun drying, toxins will be kept by clays and so can be at least in your detox face mask.

You have to bear in mind the fact that urban pollution, dioxins and pesticides are not limited by the EU cosmetic regulation but, these elements are not allowed by the EU thermal regulation for clays to be considered as healthy and well-being.

For reasons of public health:

  • Argile du Velay quarries are located on a south slope in the Auvergne region, at the feet of the volcanoes far away from urban pollution and pesticides which is allowing clays to be nourished by sun ray’s energy.
  • Adding our innovative dehydration process to the sun drying is allowing us to keep all clays’ properties and to supply a healthy mineral for you and your body.