Animal care and Horse care


The Velay Green clay is an efficient alternative solution for animal care. Furthermore, as a natural ingredient, it’s not considered as a doping product.

As you know, clay has strong properties and animals instinctively eat it for the trace minerals intake.

  • Internal use as food supplement :
    •  Is a technological additive, 100% natural, guaranteed without quartz, authorized by the European regulations and certified FCA (Feed Chain Alliance) for animal feed
    • Absorbs mycotoxins (aflatoxin b1) in the gastro-intestinal area preventing the uptake in the blood and the propagation to organs
    • Acts naturally as a stomach protectant

  • External use as poultice, it has multiple benefits :
    • 100% natural, non-fibrous clay (no danger for your horse's health)
    • Naturally antiseptic (great healing power)
    • Helps members' decongesting thanks to its high purity
    • Enhances healing and tissue formation (tissue strengthening)
    • Provides cooling relief for inflammations
    • Soothes and reduces edema (swelling reduction)
    • Facilitates cell regenerating
    • Removes mud fever scabs

It can be used for ulcers, skin infections, rashes, burns, wounds, tendon injuries, inflammation, arthritis, bruises, abscesses, muscular aches and pains…

  • Clay is also an excellent resource for animals’ hygiene solutions : clay toothpaste, clay shampoo…

Argile du Velay can either provide the clay in bulk or support your own animal care products development.

Finished products such as poultice ready for use, are also available and can be developed under your own brand!