how to select a quality clay

How to select a quality clay?

In order to compensate the lack of French and European regulations on the qualification of clay, it is important to:

1– Know the origin of the clay used: open-air or underground quarry, in France or abroad?

=> Argile du Velay operates a classified open-air quarry (Natural Area of special Ecological, Faunistic or Floristic Interest), at the feet of Auvergne volcanoes, far away from industrial and urban pollution.

2 – Be ensured of mineralogical purity, some « clays » on the market are composed of a clay part between 30 and 50%, the balance consisting of impurities (quartz, sand, carbonates and other minerals). The care benefit is reduced with a so little clay content in the mineral.

=>80 % of clay part in the Velay Green clay, guaranteed without quartz, naturally rich in trace elements.

3 – Be informed of chemicals impurities: dioxins and PCBs close to zero; without any chemical treatment (ionization, pigments addition...); absence of pesticides in the clay.

4- Clays certified by natural standard Ecocert input in Organic Agriculture, Ecocert Cosmos for Cosmetics ingredients and Feed Chain Alliance for animal feed.