Sustainable development

 Green clay is a natural resource of astonishing value. It is a wonderful gift from nature.

Correspondingly, ARGILE DU VELAY delivers the natural benefits of green clay to markets worldwide while ensuring that production processes are environmentally friendly and sustainable

To this end, the whole team is committed to:

  • Redeveloping and re-vegatating quarried areas.
  • Engaging in  quarry extraction that respects the natural strata.


Being environmentally responsible and implementing sustainable business practices belong to our corporate culture, this is why the company has developed:

  • An investment strategy to buy new tools reducing energy consumption and pollution.
  • A production strategy focusing on more energy efficient technologies and tools.
  • A distribution strategy optimizing flows and transport.


       ARGILE DU VELAY : the French clay manufacturer with the lowest carbon footprint.


An exceptional site classified ZNIEFF since 2016 : Natural Zone of Interest for Ecology , Fauna and Flora.

The quarry is located in the blackthorn woolly caterpillar's habitat, on the wild Adonis variety growing area, but it is also considered as an important predation area for bats thanks to the rainwater draining basin.