Since millennia, clay calms down, protects, heals, purifies, and embellishes. This "magical earth" with inestimable virtues and properties is doing miracles on daily pains.

Natural and easy to use, clay’s benefits are at everyone’s reach.

Scientific proven benefits of the clay

Argile en parapharmacie

Clay is a clever mineral: it identifies the origin of the pain, concentrates itself on and eliminates it.

Our R&D department is periodically asking well-known European laboratories to launch in vitro and ex vivo studies to develop and diversify the different possible usages of the Velay Green Clay.

Based on scientific studies’ results the Velay Green clay:

  • Stimulates the immune defenses of the body and regenerates cells.
  • Improves the secretion of the collagen type I (anti-ageing).
  • Fights against IL1beta, IL6 and TNF alpha inflammations.
  • Promotes wounds’ healing.
  • Protects the epiderma and the dermis against negative effects of the urban pollution.
  • Absorbs sebum excess after 10 minutes of application.
  • Adsorbs bad smells: almost zero smell after 1h.

Clay can be used as a powder, a mask, a poultice, a compress, a mouthwash, a mud bath…

A full range in compliance with the market’s needs.

By using our clays, our customers (manufacturing laboratories) are developing high quality cosmetics’ products: face masks, scrubs, toothpastes, shampoos, deodorant, make up...

The Velay Green Clay is extremely pure

Argile Verte du Velay

Because of its natural composition, the Velay Green clay is unique compared with other green clays on the market. Indeed, most of the green clays are naturally composed either by montmorillonite, illite or kaolin with a high level of quartz. The Velay Green Clay is unique because it is naturally composed by these three different clays and doesn’t contain any quartz. In addition to be a unique and an excellent quality clay, the Velay Green clay is universal because it can be used for several applications.

Naturally rich in mineral and oligo-elements, the Velay Green Clay is suitable for all type of skins. Daily applied, this clay will re-balance the skin, stimulate the immune defenses of the body, purify, gently clean, and give back a beautiful radiance to the skin.

The Velay Green Clays is a 100% natural mineral but cannot be ‘organic’ approved. However, the Velay Green Clay is periodically analyzed (by your internal laboratory and in close collaboration with accredited laboratories regarding heavy metals, PBC, dioxins and silica).

Possible usages

In the pure state, clay can be used for different applications depending on expected benefits: poultices, compressed gas, mouthwashes, clay milk, facial masks, and powdering.

Clay powders : 

Argile du Velay is providing a full range of clays extracted in its quarry at the feet of the Auvergne volcanoes or in co-partners’ quarries located in France or in the EU. 

  • CosGREEN: very pure green clay, with no quartz. Choosing this clay will improve detoxyfying (sebum reduction), cell's regeneration, healing and the anti-aging effects of the skin. Two qualities are available : surfine and ultra-ventilated.
  • CosBLUE: a blue-green clay, for oxygenating and detoxyfying actions.
  • CosKAO: a pure white kaolin clay, recommended for dry and sensitive skins.
  • CosRED: is rich in iron. In face masks, its color will illuminate the skin especially  dark skins.
  • CosYELLOW: absorbs sebum excess and illuminates the complexion of Asian skins.
  • Ghassoul : volcanic clay selected and imported from Morocco. Key element of the traditional hammam rituals. The Ghassoul is a gentle and purifying clay. INCI : Moroccan Lava Clay
  • BlackMineral: natural anthracite mineral, can be used as an alternative to the charcoal with its trendy color.
  • CosPINKAO:  a well-balanced and delicate blend of white kaolin and red illite clays, perfect for restoring the radiance of fragile skins. Apply in beauty mask : it will absorb impurities and gently cleanse the most sensitive skins. Applied as a blush it will give a fresh pinkish complexion to the skin.



"Argile du Velay is proud to present its new treasure "CosJADE", nestled in the heart of Auvergne volcanoes!
CosJADE:  a green illite clay. This unique clay with high purity will sublimate your masks and cosmetic products by its intense color.


Our key added value

Thanks to its 40 years of expertise in the field of clays, our R&D department can advise you on how to use these clays in formula and how to elaborate cosmetics’ products in accordance with your needs.