This study was carried out in 2023 by the Ephyscience laboratory in Nantes (44), led by Mr. Karim Mekideche, and sponsored by Argile du Velay company.

The aim was to demonstrate the benefits and properties of these two clay made products.

  1. “Velay Green Clay shampoo” at 20 % of clay
  2. “White Clay shampoo” at 20 % of clay

Method: applied on a 28-year-old woman’s dry hair of and on a 45-year-old woman’s oily hair.

What is protein glycation?

Glycation of hair proteins is a process in which sugars attach randomly the proteins and change their form and function. Glycation is a natural phenomenon, common with age. It can affect the elasticity and the appearance of the hair, by making it drier and brittle.

Furthermore, other recent studies (Safoura Shakoei Al.2) have also highlighted the link between the glycation and the manifestation of alopecia (form of hair and body hair loss).

Aim the study

The main objective of this study was to demonstrate the efficiency of these two tested shampoos by preventing the development of this reaction and by neutralizing its effects.

Results of the study

  1. The “Velay Green Clay Shampoo” reduces the glycation reaction on oily hair by 50.3%. It will absorb excess sebum from oily hair and make it less brittle.
  2. The “White Clay Shampoo” reduces the glycation reaction on dry hair by 58.7%. It will strengthen the hair shaft of dry hair and thus make it less brittle.

  Effets argile sur les cheveux