Les Argiles du Velay sont IGP

On October 13th, 2023, date of publication of the notice in the Official Journal, the National Institute of Individual Property (INPI) decreed the approval of the Geographical Indication “Velay Clays”.

On February 2nd, 2024 at Le Puy en Velay, the official launch and presentation ceremony by the INPI took place under the presence of local and national elected officials. Third in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, this approval is the pride of the President of the Association for the Protection and Valorization of Velay Clays, as evidenced by his words: “We are proud to see our GI approach succeed. The ”Velay Clays GI”  recognizes the quality of clays from the Velay basin and the know-how of our companies. This approach of quality and protection is very important to promote our territory and clays throughout the world.”

The Velay Clays. What does it mean?

The Velay clays, extracted at the foot of the Auvergne volcanoes, are considered to be very pure, rare and precious. Free from quartz and silica, these clays are of exceptional and highly coveted quality. This is a natural blend of two or three minerals rich in active ingredients and recognized for their virtues: illite, kaolin and montmorillonite. Their extraction (more than 100,000 tons per year) takes place in a clays’ deposit on the outskirts of Le Puy en Velay.

Focus on the GI label

The GI or Geographical Indication, constitutes a label certifying the origin of a product. This certification indicates that this product comes from a specific region. The GI attests to its qualities, its authenticity and its traditional and natural manufacturing methods linked to the location. This label allows local producers/manufacturers to protect their market and promote their artisanal know-how throughout the world.

The Geographical Indication “Velay Clays” designates products manufactured with clays from Le Puy en Velay basin in different forms:

  • In powder
  • Granulated

The “Velay Clays GI” also guarantees the transformation of clays, without chemicals additives, in the Haute-Loire department (43) in France. Four companies are involved in this project.

The « Velay Clays Geographical Indication » assets

The award of the Geographical Indication to the Velay Clays offers numerous assets to our customers and partners:

  1. Protection of the Velay Clays against counterfeiting (imitations of less quality).
  2. Promotion of our local know-how and traditional methods.
  3. Promotion of sustainable development with environmentally friendly practices during the production of clay-based products.

The uses and benefits of the Velay Clays

The Velay Clays, with their inestimable properties, work miracles on daily pains, particularly in the field of cares, cosmetics and for animals’ well-being.

In cosmetics, the Velay Clays are mainly used for face masks for the care of oily and acne-prone skins: they regulate sebum secretion and sooth skin inflammation. And also for hair care in shampoos and masks, soaps, toothpastes… and of course as “well-being” baths and wraps used in spa treatments.

For animal well-being, this “magic earth” is used in case of digestive disorders, skin care inflammations, joint pains… And it also recognized as a 100% natural additive for animal feed for all species.

Have a try of the wonderful potential and efficacity of the Velay Clays GI approved!

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