Clay benefits for pets’ care.

Why using clay for pets’ care?

Clay benefits for animals are the same as for human: cosmetics, digestives, anti-pains

Get rid of digestives pains

Often used to get rid of dogs’ diarrhea, the clay is acting as an intestinal dressing. This earth is well known since years for this virtue. Foods mixed in it become more edible and digestion is easier. Clay is also allowing to absorb the gastric acidity, to protect the gastrointestinal mucous membranes, to calm down the digestive tube’s inflammations such as the intestine, to reduce stomach pains, to protect the intestinal flora and to favorize the digestion.

Heal skin conditions

Purifying and soothing properties: this natural well-being care is commonly used by humans to regulate the sebum excess, absorb and eliminate toxins responsible of skin aging. For animals, it will avoid parasitic and bacterial invasions, calm down skin diseases, skin inflammations.

Reduce joint pains

Clay is a natural care. It calms down and soothes canines which are suffering from chronical diseases such as osteoarthritis and persistent joints pains. It promotes muscle recovery and the reduction of swelling and engorgements.

Reinforce the immune system

Clay is a real source of oligo elements. Pur minerals are improving the natural defenses of the animal.

How to use clay to reduce animals’ pains?


Clay will act as a gastric bandage. Clay can be added in water (clayed water).


You can use clay for its healing and regenerating virtues in patch.

As poultice

Using clay as poultice is quite interesting for dogs which are suffering from back pains. Poultices can be daily used to relieve your pets. Before using clay, please do not forget to ask for the veterinarian advises.

Clay used in poultices for pets'care.

Cosmetics for pets

The green clay is also really good for the animal hygiene: toothpastes, shampoos (absorbs the smells), powders (natural anti insects’ barrier) …