Mechanical mix between the red clay (France) et the white kaolin clay (France), the pink clay became a best seller through the years.
The pink clay benefits for the face, the body and the hair are allowing this clay to be considered as a precious cosmetics’ product for the most sensitives epiderma.

Pink clay in powder to make facial masks

What are the benefits of the pink clay ?

The pink clay absorbs the sebum, mattifies the skin and cleans the impurities. That’s an incredible mix between the purifying tonality and the good face effect of the red clay and the softness of the kaolin essential for sensitives skins.

How can I use it?

Like for all other clays, the pink clay has a direct impact on the beauty of your skin, face and hair.

On the face

One time per week, that’s great to do a mask by mixing the pink clay powder with water or floral water. Keep it during several minutes (10 minutes) and rinse the paste which starts to dry. After rinsing, apply a moisturizing cream.
Commonly used as facial masks for sensitive skins this clay is bringing back the radiance of tired faces, erasing redness and is tightening skin pores.

Pink clay masks – Argile du Velay

On the body

Like for the face, apply this mask on the more impure zones such as the back and the neckline

On hair

For hair, the pink clay is used as mask before the shampoo. Mainly apply it on the roots and rinse thoroughly. It will absorb the sebum excess without irritated sensitive hair’s scalps. For mixt hair, this clay is also really good for fine, dry and dull hair. This clay is also the one to fight against hair falling and to revitalize the scalp.

In powder deodorant

Its absorbing powder is giving to the pink clay its natural deodorant power.
If your epiderma is delicate, that’s better for you to use this clay to enjoy all its benefits.