Anti healing, antiseptic and purifying, clay is a natural easy to use product. Since millennia, illite soothes, protects, heals and beautifies the daily life of its users. Argile du Velay is now introducing its new treasure named CosJADE TM with an intensive color.


New product CosJade® Argile du Velay


What are the benefits of the clay ?

Riche in mineral, clay is a unique natural product to have at home. It purifies heals, and soothes daily pains and has a high absorption capacity on microbes and impurities.

This clever mineral calms down articular pains, stimulates the natural defenses, increases wounds healing and protects the epiderma and the derma against urban dust. It also absorbs the sebum excess and bad smells. Extremely pure, the Velay Green Clay is 100% natural, and has a unique natural composition ( natural blend of three different clays) and is quartz free. This clay can be easily adaptable to all types of skins. It is often use as masks and poultices for skins and hair.

CosJade® Argile du Velay in facial masks

Why chossing the CosJADE TM ?

The CosJADE TM a green intensive clay, unique because of its mineral purity and its texture. Ecocert and Cosmos certified, this clay will sublimate facial masks and other beauty products with its color. Extracted at the heart of the Auvergne volcanoes, in a well-protected area far away from urban dust and other contaminations. This clay is the key ingredient for daily revitalizing usages: masks, scrubsor shampoo. This precious ingredient is externally applied by using compresses or wraps. The CosJADE is a key asset for oily and pimpled skins, it will detoxify, regenerate and rebalance the skins. For oily skins, using a weekly CosJADETM facial mask well-prepared with mineral water and two drops of pepper mint essential oil will improve the exfoliation and cells renewal.

You only have to find time to take care of your epiderma and your hair to enjoy a 100% natural product with a lot of different virtues.