Make a clay poultice

Relieving pains, inflammations and promoting healing are all the recognized virtues of the Velay Green Clay poultice.

Frequently used in external care, the Velay Green Clay promotes purification and remineralization. For this, it is necessary to prepare properly your clay poultice.

What is a clay poultice?

People have always used clay and mud to take care of their body. Even today, tribes have the body coated with clay. Poultices can have remarkable effects for a variety of pains, including inflammation, burns, bruises, or infection.The Velay Green Clay is often used as a poultice to relieve pains.

The clay poultice becomes an essential partner that it is better to know how to make yourself to benefit from all its benefits. By carefully choosing the origin of the clay and its manufacturing process, it allows you to get the benefits of its natural and soothing properties.

How to make a clay poultice?

The Velay Green clay can be found in different forms. The most common are: crushed, in powder or in a tube, ready to use.

How to make a green clay poultice ?

Ideally, prepare the clay at least 30 minutes before its usage. Place the green clay in a glass container, and add water little by little to get a homogeneous paste. Then, apply the poultice, made on a gas or a cotton strip, to the targeted area by spreading the clay directly on the skin. Apply light pressure in order to put the clay is in contact with the treated area. Bandage the poultice and don’t move to keep it in place.

Once the clay has dried, after 1 or 2 hours the poultice will usually peel off on its own. Otherwise, rinse with clear water. Don’t forget to throw away the used clay.

Repeat this operation to relieve pains and do not hesitate to ask further advice from your doctor.

the different clays to make a poultice