It is usually in June, after the flowers have fallen from the trees, that a fly lays an egg in a fruit, giving rise to a worm that feeds on the olive…

A feared phenomenon because this latter will fall to the ground and be lost. The Velay Green Clay will be a perfect 100% natural alternative to protect olive trees against egg laying.

The olive fly, the enemy of olive trees!

One of the major enemies of the olive tree is the olive fly. This small fly of about 4mm uses olives to lay eggs. The larvae develop and dig galleries before emerging from the olive. The fruit quality and its maturation are affected causing accelerated drops in the fall.

The olive fly, the enemy of olive trees!

These galleries alter the quality and the taste of the oil. A mineral barrier (without insecticide) may be the solution to this invasion. The principle is to prevent the fly from laying eggs by covering the olive with the finest possible powder layer. The white or green clay can be used because they are not abrasive and non-reactive to other products.

The Velay Green Clay protects the olive trees by preventing fly laying.

The Velay Green Clay, a protective layer for olive trees

The Velay Green Clay anti olive fly will act as a protective film limiting the laying of fly eggs and the number of bitten fruits. Thus, it reduces the invasion of olive flies by up to 70%, without affecting the trees. This natural fly repellent protects trees preventively against olive flies, without any abrasive action for the fruits. It is perfectly suited for use in organic agriculture.

A periodic use

It is recommended to make an average of between 6 and 8 applications of fly repellent per year, over the period from June to October. Thus, from June to August, it is recommended to space applications every three weeks. From September, space the applications around every 15 days. It is also advisable to carry out a new application if you accumulate 20 minutes of rain but be careful, the fly repellent should not be applied to wet foliage.

The Velay Green Clay, a protective layer for olive trees

To prepare the mixture, you can use any type of sprayer with swirl nozzles. First, pour water into the spray tank. Then slowly add the Velay Green Clay UP20 in the water. Remember to maintain the agitator during the application.

Several techniques can be appreciated for large-scale spraying such as a machine with a fan heater, spraying with a knapsack atomizer, or spraying with a knapsack sprayer. In the case of a machine, it is necessary to pay attention to the speed of the tractor because if the passage is too fast, the olive are not entirely covered. Also, the atomizer and the sprayer make it possible to target the olive more easily but it takes more time.

The Velay Green Clay will preserve these summer treasure in an effective and natural way!