spa treatment : the benefits of green clay

Hundreds of thousands guests visit spas and other fitness centers each year.

They benefit from the comforting mud bath for the joints. Based on clay, with therapeutic benefits, it relieves everyday pains.

Why a thermal spa cure?

The thermal spa cure is based on the benefits of water from a natural source. It will be useful for treating health problems and certain pathologies such as: eczema, respiratory disorders or joint pain. Rich in minerals, the thermal cure also helps reducing back pain, osteoarthritis or arthritis. It is also useful for reducing pains associated with childbirth.

The spa treatment will promote better blood circulation and stimulate the nervous system with baths or jet showers. Fatigue and anxiety will be caught up with soothing regular care , usually clay-based.

What are the benefits of mud?

The mud is rich in virtues concerning rheumatism, arthritis, sprains or tendinitis…75% of thermal centers are using clay to increase the effects of mud baths. Immersed in a swimming pool filled with a mixture of clay and thermal water, the curist takes advantage of the heat of the mud bath to relax their body and relieve their joints. The sensations offered by the mud bath are numerous: diffuse heat, homogeneous texture and smooth touch.

green clay used in spa treatments for the face

Mud baths are popular in rheumatology. With a particular density and a fluid consistency, it allows the guest to move easily and relax. The ankles and knees are mobilized in these life-saving baths.

Generally, the mud is wrapped in a textile on one or more specific regions of the body as a poultice. It will be applied at a temperature higher than that of the body for 15 to 20 minutes to be effective.

The spa treatment will be ideal for tailor-made treatments, according to each guest, since they will be monitored by the establishment’s medical staff to provide the best possible care: massages, aquatic courses, baths and showers. As in most baths prescribed in spa treatments, the Archimedean thrust effect facilitates patient mobility. With mud, the weight is lighter and the joints less stressed. Those classic and ancestral treatments have proven their benefits for people with dermatological, neurological and rheumatological disorders.

Have a life-saving mud bath!