Horses’ lovers know that clay is the mainly used care for horses for its benefits since the antiquity.

Rich in absorbent and astringent properties, it favorizes horses’ physical health by soothing inflammations.

Clay : A well-known care for horses

What are the Velay Green Clay properties for horses?

The Velay Green Clay by its unique composition of three different clays has a high absorbing power. It can « pump » liquids such as a sponge. It’s a famous antibacterial. Its unique capacities are tightening tissues, favorizing the healing and hair regrowth.

Internally, this clay will be highly appreciated to purify, drain and bring a relief to horses which are suffering from digestive troubles and diarrhea.

How to use clay?

In several cases, clay will be used for its properties. The idea is to favorize horses’ tendons and joints’ recoveries after an effort. To relieve horse’s members ‘congestion after an effort, clay can be also used in prevention to relieve your horse after a blow or a contusion.

The Velay Green Clay for horses' poultices.

Clay can be applied on highly solicited zones depending of the practice or of the horse’s weaknesses (back, kidney, shoulder…). The application has to be done turning back hair to allow clay to penetrate horses’ skin. Clay can be kept open air or covered by some strips on the top. To be repeated as many times as necessary.

Clay is a real well-being care to have during competitions.

Internally, clay can be used for and during:

  • Stress periods: competition, towing…
  • Diarrhea

Don’t forget to ask the veterinarian to better care your horse.