the different uses of the Velay Green Clay

Widely recognized in natural cosmetics to take care of the hair, skin and body, the Velay Green Clay also has many other benefits.

If its absorbing capacities regulate the sebum excreted by the skin, it also have cleaning and deodorizing properties .

What is the Velay Green Clay?

The Velay Green Clay is a natural and fine mineral powder obtained by an innovative dehydration process keeping clays’ original properties. It is found in the form of raw powder, in jars or in tubes ready to use. It will be mainly recommended for combination and oily skin to regulate the production of sebum by applying a mask.

Studies have revealed that the Velay Green Clay has interesting anti-inflammatory effects in case of acne, for example, or more generally in case of skin problem.

the Velay Green Clay in all its forms

What are the benefits of the Velay Green Clay?

Cleansing, purifying, exfoliating and detoxifying, the Velay Green Clay is mainly recommended for taking care of combination, oily, blemish and blackhead-prone skins.

A facial beauty partner

Fight pimples and acne with the Velay Green Clay! To take advantage of the velay Green Clay benefits on the face, the fastest way is to apply it on the skin once or twice a week as needed. If you want to use green clay powder, just place two to three tablespoons in a glass bowl, then add the water gradually until you obtain a homogeneous paste. Apply it on your face, on the areas to be purified in priority such as the forehead, the chin and the nose.

It can be used as a mask or applied directly to pimples.

the Velay Green Clay in face mask

Hair care

The Velay Green Clay also takes care of your hair. As for the face, it cleanses the scalp, helps eliminate dandruff and regulates sebum excess.

You can prepare a shampoo by mixing clay powder in water, alone or combined with other cleansing powders before applying it to the scalp and roots.

Between two shampoos, you can make a mask with the Velay Green Clay to absorb excess sebum accumulated on the scalp. As for the shampoo, apply the preparation on the scalp before letting it acts for a few minutes, then rinse.

A daily well-being supplements

The Velay Green Clay has many benefits. Rich in minerals and trace elements : stimulating properties on the body.

As a poultice, it will relieve everyday pains. In any case do not forget to take advice from your doctor.

The Velay Green Clay can have other uses and can be found in natural toothpastes, but also in deodorants because thanks to its odor adsorbing action.