green clay facial mask : DIY

A real natural beauty care : the Velay Green Clay is perfect for normal to oily skins.

A green clay facial mask soothes irritated skins, dark circles and under-eye puffiness thanks to its high content of oligo elements

Why using a Velay green clay facial mask?

Cutaneous moisturizing, skin flexibility, collagen and protective barrier reinforcement, the green clay applied as facial mask is appreciated for facial masks. This clay can be used for several types of skins (mixt, oily, sensitive…) The Velay Green Clay will reduce the imperfections and tighten the pores.

Sensitive and irritated skins are enjoying its actions: reduction of cutaneous inflammations. Plus, it reduces the redness of the skin and gives back its radiance and its sweetness. The green clay applied as facial mask or as poultice can be also mixed with essentials or vegetal oils.

How to make DIY green clay masks?

This clay will be efficient on different types of skins but also to keep hair’s beauty.

Oily skins

Green clay mask : DIY recipe

Mix 3 tablespoons of Velay Green Clay with 3 tablespoons of jojoba oil. Add several lemon juice droops and some mineral water to get a homogeneous and flexible paste. Sebum in excess will be removed thanks to the association of clay and lemon. Regarding the jojoba oil, it will protect the skin against the all the aggressions without leaving a greasy film. Apply the mask and keep it during 10 minutes. Once the mask starts drying, rinse it with clear water.

Mixed skins

Green clay masks for mixed skins

Take some Velay Green Clay, some bamboo hydrolat add some vegetal oil ( apricot for example) and some Ylang Ylang essential oil. Put ½ of green clay, ¼ of hydrolat and ¼ of vegetal oil until reaching a homogenous paste. Add some essential oils’ drops. This green clay mask will gently clean the skin and make it luminous. Apply the mask and keep it during 10 minutes. Once it starts drying, rinse it with clear water.

As scrub masks for body and face

Mix the Velay Green Clay with coffee grounds and rosemary essential oil. Add some water and blend it until getting a homogeneous paste. This scrubbing mask will eliminate the death cells and will absorb impurities and sebum excesses. The skin will be net and dazzling. Apply it in circular massages on a well clean skin. Keep it on the skin during 10 minutes and rinse it with clear water. You can also add some vegetal oil.

NB: For all recipes you can also use the nuts oil or other vegetal oils such as: the olive oil, the jojoba oil, the coco oil …

For hair

The Velay Green Clay mask is also a key partner for your hair. Mix the green clay with some organic corn plant with the Tea Tree essential oils in a mortar before putting the preparation in a powder vaporizer. Do a massage on the scalp and on your lengths and keep it during 10 minutes

Relaxing bath for feet and hands

Green clay powder for relaxing baths

Put 3 tablespoons of Velay Green Clay, 2 tablespoons of coarse sea salt and add some lukewarm water and then, relax for 20 min!


The Velay Green Clay is also well known since years for calming down daily pains. Mix this clay with some water to get a homogeneous paste applicable in thick layers on the full body on the painful area (by avoiding mucous). Keep it during 20minutes and do it again if necessary.

That’s your turn !