Raw material from mineral origin the green clay is a key cosmetics ingredient. This clay increases the beauty of the skin, the hair and can be used for doing toothpastes, soaps, deodorants and also for spa.

the Green clay’s benefits used in SPA

What are the virtues of the green clay?

The Velay Green Clay born at the feet of the Auvergne volcanoes during the tertiary period is unique thanks to its natural composition, a unique blend between three different clays with complementary virtues. The Velay Green Clay in a natural mineral type silicate of aluminum with a flaky structure composed by Illite, Montmorillonite and Kaolin. The Velay Green Clay is full of mineral and oligo-elements and is the purest clay on the market according comparative mineralogical analysis launched. Silica and quartz free this clay is a unique care.
This pure blend of clays is giving to the Velay Green Clay unique properties such as: a high absorption and adsorption capacities (cationic exchange). Its cosmetics virtues: key partner for oily skins the Velay Green Clay will regulate the sebum. Useful against acne, it can be generously applied on the skin and will improve the healing of the skin.

How to use the Velay Green Clay ?

The green clay is commonly used in cosmetics as facial mask, scrubbing mask, mud baths but also for therapeutic cares: poultices, clayed water. Used in masks the green clay is a key ingredient for detox to give back skin and hair radiance and vitality. This clay is the one to get rid of daily pains such as:


For oily and acne skins, it will regulate the skin’s sebum. The Velay Green Clay also has strong anti-inflammatory effect to sooth skins ‘troubles. Real detox treatment, this clay is allowing the skin to fight against urban dust by protecting the epiderma and the derma against its deleterious effects. The Velay green clay also detoxifies and reduces the oxidant stress.
Its anti-aging properties are increasing the cells regeneration and is favorizing the elasticity of the skin. In mask for oily hair, the Velay Green Clay disinfects the scalps that secrete a lot of sebum.

The green clay applied in face mask

Organism pains

For rheumatism, back pains or hematomas, the green clay can be used as poultices. The most important thing is to make a homogenous paste to be applied on the to be treated zone.
From gums to joints the green clay is applying on painful zones, for teeth or body cares, to sooth and reduce inflammations.

Animal feed

Eating clay is a natural aim to keep animals’ wellbeing. Indeed, the oligo-elements are improving the digestion.

The agriculture

Clay will be really efficient for the agriculture. Clay’s usages for this application are as following: soil amendments, fertilizers, potting soils or trees’ protection. Clay will also increase the water retention capacity and favorize roots’ development and reduce water losses.
Using clay increase soils’ pH and increase earth’s fertility. The Velay Green Clay is commonly used on olive trees to naturally fight against the olive fly. The green clay can act as a physical mineral barrier and disrupts the behavior of the insect to reduce more than 80% of the damages.

Using the Velay green clay to get rid of olive trees’ fly.

Like a multi-usages natural treasure, the Velay Green Clay will improve your own wellbeing and the one of the surrounding world.