Using clay for a good oral hygiene

More and more trendy through the years, the clay toothpaste is a healthy alternative to protect the teeth and the gums.

Usually made with green or white clays under powders or paste forms, this toothpaste is well known for its cleaning and antiseptic virtues. Explanations.

Clay the key partner for a good oral hygiene ?

Absorbing, cleaning and antiseptic, the clay allows to gently wash the teeth and to refresh the breath. That’s pretty simple to make teeth paste by mixing clay with water to get the same texture as the toothpaste.

Clay has a lot of virtues and oligo elements: magnesium, iron, calcium, sodium, potassium… Purifying, antiseptic, clay calms down painful gums. Thanks to its mineral salts it also has a remineralizing effect.

Ingredient to prepare a white clay toothpaste

A clay toothpaste, what is this?

To a clay toothpaste can be added several different essential oils.

  • The Lemon essential oil is mainly known for its whitening effect on the teeth plus, its high antibacterial and antiseptic properties allow to get rid of the tartar.
  • The Eucalyptus essential oil is great to fight against bacteria responsible of cavities and gums’ diseases. It also helps to keep a fresh breath
  • The Mint essential oil has a strong antioxidant power; it stimulates the saliva production and plays a key role on healthy mouths.

The Velay Green Clay is well known for its sanitizing properties and is maintaining a healthy oral hygiene. It has a regenerating and a remineralizing actions and allows to get a neutral pH to prevent cavities, canker sores and gums’ diseases.

Clay to daily take care of itself