Red clay mask on the T zone

The red clay is getting radiance back to the face by purifying the epiderma.

Applied in masks or poultices, this clay is ideal for its absorbing and mattifying properties. Also, really good for the hair, this clay will bring them back all their strengths and radiance. Zoom on the red clay’s properties .

The red clay, what is this?

Make the red clay choice is choosing a glamour history. Indeed, Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, often used it during her beauty treatments. This clay, rich in iron dioxide and in oligo elements is often named the “good look” clay.

The red clay is really absorbing. Its color link with its iron oxide contain is giving to the red clay mattifying and ‘good face” properties.

red clay in powder

What are the real benefits of the red clay ?

Cleaning, purifying this clay can be used on the skin and on the hair.

On the skin…

The red clay can be used on all skins’ types.

One time a week apply the red clay in mask or in poultice to satisfy your skin needs.

Ingredients to get your red clay care well prepared

For hair…

Applied on hair, the red clay will eliminate the impurities and purify the scalp. Its « fire » color is dedicated to brown and ginger hair.

If the red clay can be purely used, only mix with mineral water or, you can also mix it with an hydrolat, an essential oil or a vegetal oil.

In powder, that’s a not to be missed ingredient for the Make Up!