The Velay yellow clay powder

The Velay yellow clay has many cosmetics and capillary virtues. It takes care of combination to oily skins. Close-up on this ally of the epidermis which allows a perfect peeling.

What are the benefits of the Velay yellow clay?

Qualities for face care

Very close to the Velay Green Clay, the composition of the Velay yellow clay is less rich in iron oxide. Purifying and gentle, it takes care of your face.

Qualities for body care

The Velay yellow clay is a real source of well-being for the body thanks to its exfoliating properties, it is able to tighten pores, while eliminating impurities. It is used in particular in masks, poultices, powders and even soaps. Rich in trace elements and minerals, yellow clay acts gently on the skin.

Qualities for hair care

As effective for the body as the hair, it revives and sublimates weakened and brittle hair. Also, it absorbs excess sebum to allow the hair fibers to breathe more. It is also recommended in the form of hair mask.

yellow clay face mask

How to use it?

Choose the DIY mask

The Velay yellow clay mixes very well with honey. Together, they give the epidermis a baby skin appearance just after rinsing. Just mix a tablespoon of yellow clay, a tablespoon of honey, a few drops of floral water for hydration such as rose water, chamomile water or flower water. Then leave about ten minutes on the face before rinsing. This preparation can also be applied to damaged hair to make it more supple and shiny.

In poultice

Make a paste with the Velay yellow clay and water to get a soft texture that should not run. For this recipe: put powdered clay in a container and cover with spring or filtered water. Leave to rest for 1 hour before use and leave this preparation for 2 or 3 hours or overnight. Remove it in case of discomfort. As a poultice, repeat three times a day, the time to obtain an improvement.

Yellow clay will be ideal for perfecting the beauty of your skin.